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Peter Lynn Twister Power Kite

are you ready to jump?

The Peter Lynn Twister is an intermediate kite aimed at boarding and jumping. High aspect fast flying and loads of raw power and lift want to get airbourne then the Twister is a great choice.

£358.95 - £428.95
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The Peter Lynn Twister Power Kite has some seriously progressive power for those who want to get into some jumping and boarding then it's an awesome choice.  The undisputed air and hang time champion for fixed bridle kites, the Twister power kite is great for progression on a board or buggy with outstanding stability in the sky.  With a wider aspect ratio the Twister cuts through the sky offering a larger surface area to scoop up wind even while flying at the sides of the wind window. This wider aspect ratio also acts as your very own parachute giving you plenty of float in your jumps and essentially opening up a whole new realm of kiting with a smooth and predictable power delivery.

Not only does the Twister out perform the majority of power kites out there but it has the construction and features to uphold such a high performance, high aspect power kite. Using strengthened double stitched seams with Mirai high tensity fabrics the Twister can receive almost as good as it gives when it comes to a highly durable and strong construction. Webbing reinforced air intakes assist in preventing sand, dirt or rubbish getting caught up in the kite while velcro dirt-outs on the wing tips allow you to empty the kite of built up sand or dirt. Stitched Dynacore bridle loops are a great addition for a lightweight and strong connection.

Peter Lynn Twister four lone fixed bridled high aspect power kite colours and sizes

The standard package we do for the Twister is with four line handles and kite killers as it's great to get best jumping performance but the kite is also at home on a bar without any problems. Simple to use kite but not ideal for beginners as it does have a lot of lift and speed for it's size. Compared to other lifty kites like the Flexfoil Blade then the Twister is not quite as mental but still a kite that needs a lot of respect! 

All of the above kite packages come complete with lines, bag, handles and kite killers. A bar option is also available but will need to be purchased over the phone by calling: 01793 523244

The Peter Lynn Power Kite colour and sizes:

  • 3.0m in Charcoal - Green w/ 20m 200/ 100kg lines
  • 4.0m in Charcoal - Orange w/ 20m 200/ 100kg lines
  • 5.5m in Charcoal - Aqua w/ 20m 200/ 100kg lines
  • 7.5m in Charcoal- Green w/ 20m 200/ 100kg lines

The Peter Lynn Twister Power Kite Specs:

  • High aspect ratio
  • Large wind range
  • Big jumps
  • Lots of hang time
  • Outstanding stability
  • Predictably smooth power delivery
  • Freeride/ Jumping/ Recreational/ Buggy/ Kite Landboard/ Snowkite
  • Double stitched seams
  • Webbing reinforced airtakes
  • Mirai high tenacity fabrics
  • Stitched dynacore bridle loops
  • Velcro dirt outs
  • Velcro bridle secure loops
Peter Lynn Twister four lone fixed bridled high aspect power kite in use with kite buggy
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