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Burton Process Off Axis Snowboard


Asymmetrical madness for those who love everything the best selling Process has to offer but seek that little bit extra OOMPH in the park!

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Burton Process Off Axis SnowboardFor those of you who love and enjoy everything the Burton Process has to offer but deeply desire that little bit extra ooomph! in the park and across the mountain! Possibly our most popular board in store and online having been juiced up with an asymmetrical or 'Off-Axis' Squeeze box core and Off-Axis Frost bite edges for a superior edge hold and control.  Chuck in there a Burton PurePop Camber profiling for outstanding energy transfer from boot to board and an insane level of pop then you are left with one pure park machine.


Burton Process Off Axis Snowboard base listingThe younger and carbonless sibling to the mighty Burton Custom, the Process Off-Axis is a softer flexing, true twin board offering plenty more jib and park fun without sacrificing the stability the Process has always been famous for. The Off-Axis Squeezebox core profiling re-aligns the boards key tech to suit a park riders natural wider stance, by doing so opens up the boards true flexing and edge holding capabilities. Off-Axis Frostbite edges extend slightly underneath your bindings but vary on the heel and toe edge for absolute confidence in holds on icy and hard packed conditions.


Not only a staff favourite, this board is a board of choice for a lot of our customers due to its ability to give you the ride of your life no matter your discipline; the Process features a highly porous and highly durable sintered base that is super fast, absorbs plenty of wax and is durable enough to take the pounding at the park! 

For ultimate control over the Process Off-Axis we have Burton's EST Channel system which uses a reduced level of contact with the board allowing it to flex more naturally underfoot, this system also offers you almost endless possibilities to set up your stance giving you superior control over how your board rides. For the best use of the Burton EST Channel get yourself some EST Bindings, otherwise this board is still compatible with most modern snowboard bindings.
The Burton Process Off-Axis snowboard is an incredible do all  board that works an absolute treat in the park. For those seeking the thrill of a Process but not quite the aggression of a cambered board then take a look at the Process Flying V for a more forgiving choice.


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Burton Process Off-Axis Snowboard Features:

  • Beginner to advanced
  • All mountain/ freestyle/ freeride/ park
  • True twin
  • Soft to medium flex
  • The Channel- Offers a quicker and more precise binding setup  whilst allowing the board to flex more freely underfoot than traditional inserts.
  • Scooped tip and tail- Catch free riding and provides more float in powder.
  • Pro-TipTapered tip and tail thickness reducing swing weight and offering better mobility.
  • Triax fibreglass
  • Super Sap Epoxy
  • FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core- A stronger, lighter wood targeted in specific parts of the board for optimized performance.
  • Dualzone EGD- Engineered wood grains placed along the heel and toe side edges for added strength and durability.
  • Off-Axis Squeezebox core profiling- Thicker and thinner parts of the core for better flexation between the feet and on the tip and tail.
  • Off-Axis Frostbite edges
  • Sintered base- A super durable and super fast base that absorbs wax more efficiently.
  • Infinite ride- Pre warn and ready to ride!

Struggling to find the right board for you? Maybe you are a little confused as to which size to pick? Take a look at out our Snowboard Buyers Guide for more information on what will be right for you!

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