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Snowboard Tuning Accessories - Tools

A wide selection of must have snow board tuning accessories - Nessesscities for holidays and seasons on the slopes: Keep your equipment in top condition with our Demon and Dakine range of Tools, Waxes, Snowboard Wax Irons and Scrapers.
Dakine - 10 Inch Scraper

Dakine 10 Inch Scraper

The 10 inch wax scraper from Dakine offers a large surface area when removing wax from your snowboard base. It also comes in a lovely bright green colour.
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Dakine - Edge Tuner

Dakine Edge Tuner

Keep your snowboard edges sharp and at angle which suits your style of riding with the Dakine Edge Tuner. Comes complete with a spare file which sits inside the tool.
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sale Dakine - Triangle Scraper

Dakine Triangle Scraper

The Dakine Triangle wax scraper is an easier shape to work with than traditional rectangle scrapers and you can get a lot of force behind them when waxing your board.
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Demon Snow - Base Brush

Demon Snow Base Brush

The Demon Snow Base Brush is for structuring and buffing the base of your snowboard or skis when doing a diy hot wax service. Great quality brush with good stiff bristles.
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new Demon Snow - Slide Wax Ski Snowboard Iron

Demon Snow Slide Wax Ski Snowboard Iron

Keep your snowboard or ski bases well waxed and ready to go with the Demon Slide wax iron. Perfect size for efficient servicing and not too big for storage.
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Demon Snow - Complete Tune Kit

Demon Snow Complete Tune Kit

An easy to carry all in one snowboard tuning solution in a handy carry case. All you need to add for a week or a month away snowboarding is the wax of your choice.
£99.95 £89.95
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Demon Snow - Edge Tuner

Demon Snow Edge Tuner

The Demon edge tuner is for keeping your snowboards edges in prime condition whilst you are away enjoying yourself. Tune or detune with this handy tool.
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Demon Snow - Flight Tune Kit

Demon Snow Flight Tune Kit

Demon Flight Tune Kit comes with all the basics you need to keep you & your board on the mountain including mounting hardware, screw driver & tune stone.
£40.00 £19.00
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