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Never Summer Shaper Twin Snowboard 2019


The Shaper Twin has now been put in the main line bringing all the shaper series benefits into a Twin Shaped snowboard! Getting lots of great reviews for park and off piste freestyle.

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Well where can we start with this board! The Never Summer Shaper Twin is the latest evolution of the growing Shaper Snowboards Line, with surf designed shaping these boards have had rave reviews for carving and freeriding and while normally all being directional there was a requirement for a twin board in the line and here it is!  Check out the videos below to get a real idea of what this board is all about.

The board has been picking up accolades in blind board tests and the 153cm version is named the 153CC after Team USA Chris Corning and has a special red white and blue base you will see in the Olympic slopestyle event this year!

The Shaper series uses the Fusion Camber Design which brings together both of Never Summers Rocker Camber designs. It has the Original Rocker Camber at the front to give insane float in the pow and shock absorption over the groomers. Then there is the Ripsaw Rocker Design under the back foot giving rocking grip in the carves that just push the board in on rails.  Then there is also 10mm of taper from nose to tail to help sink the back in the soft and give that pumpy surf fluid carve. So all these things sound like a directional board, but these have now been put into a twin tip! So you have all the best of the directional design and can also romp it along in switch.

Never Summer Shaper Twin Camber Profile and Build


Never Summer Shaper Twin Spec List and Build DetailAs this board is a late release then there are only two sizes this season a 153cm and a 156cm as it is designed as a park board. So smaller riders hit up the 153CC with the red white and blue base and the larger guys hit up the 156cm with black and white base.  The board is actually quite wide even through it is a tapered design so no need to worry if you have bigger feet you will love this board!

146LT 24.7 111 Vario 740 29.6/28.6 10 586/3781
149LT 24.9 114 Vario 771 29.8/28.8 10 598/3858
151 25.7 114 Vario 774 30.6/29.6 10 626/4039
153CC  26.0 116 Vario 783 31.0/30.0 10 644/4155
156 26.2 118 Vario 812 31.1/30.1 10 657/4239
159 26.2 122 Vario 824 31.3/30.3 10 674/4348
161 26.2 124 Vario 837 31.5/30.5 10 687/4432
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