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Volcom Solver Denim Jeans Grey Vintage

The Volcom Solver Denim in Grey vintage are awesome jeans to skate in and superb durability and that little bit of stretch to make things just work!

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"Designed for Skateboarding , Recommend for life".

Volcom's Denim has always been pushing the boundries when its come to quality and durability for 20 years.With the Stone Made range from Volcom theses Solver jeans are made for Skateboarders who are on the road.  With that in mind theses jeans have to hold up against the wear and tear of professional skateboarders but still remain comfortable and have complete mobility. 

"Volcom denim is made for such harsh abuse makes for a solid pair jeans for anyone".


Developed with Cone®  Denim who been making jeans for Cowboys and Miners since 1891,  Volcom partnered up with them to give amazing features to theses jeans. One of theses features is the superior stretch truly offers complete mobility, where most jeans become tight and hinder movement. The Solver Jeans will move with your body in anyway without any tension or resistance, our team rider couldn't believe how they felt and was amazed with the amount of movement and freedom he had, compared to other jeans with elastane. Volcom have claimed that they have taken durability to the next level. Built up from the fibres they have put in LYCRA TOUGH MAX technology that has enhanced the durability of the natural durable denim. Resistance to tears and abrasions, you can trust that theses jeans will not tear in the middle of session. Going back to main idea behind theses jeans being designed for skateboarder on tour and the road. The Finish on the jeans is a sustainable anti-microbial which means they can be worn longer and harder between washes without the odor from skating for hours. This feature is exclusive to Volcom which was developed by Cone® Denim and applied to the denim in the fabric state. Skateboarder's are generally out in all weather rain or shine , so giving liquid repellent finish is a must. A new groundbreaking durable water-repellant eco-friendly PFC-free finish is applied the denim when its in the fabric state.  



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