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Drake Player Snowboard 10/11

sale Drake Player Snowboard 10/11
Snowboards Brand new!
The Drake Player snowboard give high performance at a very low price. Enjoy everything the mountain has too offer from deep powder to jibbing sessions.
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Drake Player Smiley Snowboard Now with Drake Smiley technology. High-end performance at a regular price. The new player provides amazing response and speed that lets you enjoy everything the mountain has to offer, whether you're looking for deep powder or shredding in the park. Newly improved this season with pre-detuned edges on tip and tail for smoother turns and cleaner landings.

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RRP: 239.99

Smiley Tech:

Drake own way of intending reverse camber over the board. Smiley concept offers a reverse free camber shape creating
a constant arch from tip to tail which come 6mm raised compare to a regular snowboard. Boards ride smother, minimizing edge catching on take offs and landings, allowing great nose and tail presses and taking sensation to a whole new level.
Bringing back the fun and skateboard feeling to the snowboards! When it’s applied to a freeride oriented model like the battle it give an outstanding gliding and lift in soft and deep snow.

Our freestyle – jibbing boards come straight from the factory with pre-detuned edges on tip and tail. This prevents the snowboard from catching edges, and gives an extra buttery feeling while riding. If you’re going to hit boxes, rails, or walls, this is the perfect feature for you!

Drake Snowboards are designed in Italy using the highest quality laminates, the most durable and responsive cores, and the fastest, toughest bases. Offering versatile boards to appeal to multiple riding styles and ability levels, our line has something for everyone.

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