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Airhole Daily Basic Pleated Mask Black

Times have changed and airhole has changed and used their facemask knowledge to create washable daily masks for protecting yourself and others. The Basic is Pleated and best suited for larger faces.

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Airhole have been making ski and snowboard face mask for many years and in the current crisis have got rid of the classic airhole and used some of their special fabrics to create a 3 layer mask with nose bridge wire to help stop the spread of disease in daily life. These are not disposable but designed to be washed and re-used so come in a pack of 5 masks. Check the videos below to explain how the masks work. These are not designed to replace N95 PPE masks but are for daily use and more comfortable and practical than loads of disposable masks and with the three layer design they really stop vapour passing through the mask. Check the video at the bottom of this page that shows what a mask can do along with the "candle test" video from Airhole to show the effectiveness of these masks.

We have found in our own testing and use the Airhole Daily ERGO mask to be a better fit on smaller heads while this Daily Basic Pleated mask is better on larger faces.

  • Supplied in Pack of 5 Masks or Single Mask
  • Pleated Design -Expands for fit
  • Nose Bridge Wire - Adjustable for the perfect fit
  • One Size Fits Most- Size can be modified by adjusting ear loops. Note that the Basic Mask tends to fit larger head sizes best.
  • Outer: Fine Denier Woven Cotton
  • Mid-Layer: Non-Woven Polypropylene
  • Inner: Fine Denier Woven Cotton
  • Product Sizing: 5in x 8.25in / 12.7cm x 21cm
  • Due to the nature of the product this mask is excluded from our returns policy.
  • Please note that these masks are not designed as a replacement for N95, surgical or medical grade masks.

Wear Instructions - Wash your hands before handling the mask. Place onto your face by holding the ear loops, covering your nose, mouth and chin with the mask. Pinch the nose bridge to adjust the fit. Do not touch your eyes while wearing the mask. Remove and wash the mask after use. Wash your hands after removing the mask.


Multiple layers of fabric means less chance that respiratory particles can pass through the mask. Thicker, denser fabrics do a better job than thinner, loosely woven or knit fabrics.

Trying to blow out a candle can illustrate how respiratory particles can travel through different types of mask fabrics. This video demonstrates how some fabrics work better than other to hinder respiratory air particles.

If you want to understand what a facemask does to help reduce the spread of particles and air then this video explains things quite well at the start and then gets more USA based

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