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Mr Zogs Original Sex Wax Surf Wax 85g Green Cool to Mid-Warm

Sex Wax Quick Humps Surf Wax Green 3x Soft Cool to Mid-Warm is for the warmer water temperatures typically between May and October in UK seasons.

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Industry renown Mr. Zogs Original Sex Surf Wax has built its reputation for being the best surf wax available in the industry. Sex Wax Quick Humps Surf Wax Green 3x Soft Cool to Mid-Warm is for the mild water temperatures typically between Early May to October (14*C to 23*C) in UK seasons.

Mr. Zog's Quick Humps Sex Wax is designed to rub on to the deck of your surfboard to increase the riders traction on the board and prevent you from slipping off. Depending on the season and temperature of the water depends on how soft of wax you use. 

Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Surfboard Wax 85g varietyWhat wax do I need?

  • In the warmer seasons or countries you would use a harder wax to prevent it from melting off your board, in this case it would be Mr.Zog's Green 3x Soft - Cool to Mid Warm (14*C to 23*C) Quick Humps Surfboard Wax.
  • In the colder seasons or climates (9*C to 20*C) you would use a softer wax to maintain traction on the board; Mr.Zogs Purple 2x Extra Soft- Cold to Cool would be ideal for these conditions.

The Original Sex Wax is Non-Toxic to the environment and comes in recyclable/ biodegradable  packaging.

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