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Northcore Viper X Combination Lock

Last thing you need is your board or anything else go walkies. The Viper X Lock is a 3 Digit Combination Lock with 80cm Steel Cable in compact size to fit in your pocket.

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The Northcore Viper-X Lock is super compact and useful lock for many sports not just snowboarding. The 80cm steel cable auto retracts inside the body which fits in your pocket super easy. The combination is customisable and it's quite durable. While it is a plastic body the lock is tough and will survive some good abuse but isn't long term security. But when you are locking your board up when you go into a bar it's a numbers game and there are plenty of other boards a thief could choose without the hassle of locks and stops anyone accidentally picking up the wrong board.

We also sell many of these to people wanting to lock up other items temporarily like bikes and scooters etc when they want a simple lightweight lock to keep it secured while they pop into a shop etc.

‚ÄčNorthcore Viper X Combination Lock Specs:

  • Approx 80cm cable
  • 3 digit combination
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for snowboards, skis, luggage, etc
  • Viper-X 2G sizing is approx 50mm W x 70 mm L x 21.5mm D
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