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ATBShop Snowboard Sleeve Board Bag

This is a simple snowboard sleeve bag with shoulder strap that fits all boards fine. Perfect for the trip to the mountain or dome to stop the car getting cut up by the edges.

In Stock & available for UK next day delivery

This Snowboard bag is a tough fabric construction to protect you and the car and to store the board safely. If you want a padded bag for aircraft travel then this is not so suitable there are better bags for that but with extra padding added you might get away with it? 

The ATBShop board sleeve fits pretty much all size snowboards from a small 140cm upto 170cm with bindings still on the board no problem at all and has a velcro closure on the top end to cinch things up together. It will also fit wakeboards and kiteboards without bindings that are under about 43cm wide. Some kiteboard straps will also fit in but not wake boots, but it wasn't really designed for them but we found them great as dual purpose!

The Snowboard Sleeve Board bag is also mostly water proof so will stop most moisture from leaking out if the board is wet when put inside.  We always recommend not storing snowboards when wet as things can rust, dry them out first before tucking them away.

You want to score one of these bags for FREE? Then  please buy a snowboard from us, you get a free bag with every purchase! :-)

You too can look as good as our assistant carrying your board to the car! But we do recommend the shoulder strap for longer distances, just don't tell out photo assistant as they forgot! ;-)

ATBShop Snowboard Sleeve Board Bag

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