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Camrig GoPro Kite Strut Mount

The Camrig Kite strut mount for GoPro cameras attaches your camera onto the mid strut on the kite to give those panoramic helicopter style shots. Simple to use for video or photos.

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Ever wanted to see yourself riding from high up? The Camrig Kitesurfing Kite Strut mount attaches to the struts of your kite and films you from the air while you ride! Featuring a heavy duty velcro strap, your GoPro will be securely fastened to your kite without worry! Just make sure you have the waterproof casing on!
The Camrig Kite Strut Mount is compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras and also any other cameras that fit the thumbscrew/pivot GoPro attachment style.
The Gopro Kite Strut mount will hold the camera stable to get that panoramic shot of the tropical holiday destination or the waves at the british beach. Our tip is to use the gopro with the waterproof remote on a simple velcro watch strap and you can change between video and photos and turn the camera on and off while using the kite and not having to land.
gopro kitesurf kite strut camera mount
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