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GoPro Chomper Bite Mount and Float for Session

The most stable and diverse Mouth Mount for GoPro that money can buy! For the price GoPro have thrown together one package no one can turn down!

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Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

Having tried and tested the GoPro Bite Mount ourselves we can surely vouch for not only the comfortable and secure grip this mount has while in your mouth but the smooth footage it delivers. Using a more rugged and ergonomic design ensures  shake free footage unlike what is found with most other mouth mounts. The advantages the GoPro Mouth Mount has to offer your future videos is pure hands free and as close to first person point of view as possible without covering your eyes. For sports the Mouth mount has endless possibilities to really help your audience feel apart of the moment, whatever your story.

As an extra bit of versatility the Mouth Mount also feature an integrated mounting buckle so you can easily change perspectives with unscrewing it, simply take it out your mouth and plug and play into another, easy! This package is for the GoPro Hero Session and comes with a Floaty for the Session camera.

The GoPro Bite Mount and Floaty for Session camera specifications:

  • Session camera Floaty included
  • Easy to use hands free point of view filming
  • Intergrated mounting buckle
  • Ergonomic and rugged design
  • Delivers stable and shake free POV footage.

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