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GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount Kit

The GoPro helmet front and side mount has all the bits to fix the camera onto the side or front of a helmet or any other vertical surface you want to fix to?

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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GoPro used to do a Front mount kit and also a side mount kit but now there is one helmet kit to rule them all! The GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount Kit comes with a swivel mount like the ball joint and a special vertical mounting buckle plus two curved mounts. So no matter where you want to put your camera on your helmet you can get a good shot. Don't go for the standard tellietubby mount on top of the head there is so much better footage to be had wit side and front mounts!

GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount Kit PositionsFeatures List:

  • Versatile front and side helmet-mounting solution
  • Offers maximum adjustability for a variety of shots and capture angles
  • Includes easier-to-use integrated mounting buckle

Parts included in the GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount Kit:

  • Swivel Mount Assembly
  • 2 Curved Adhesive Mounts
  • Vertical Mounting Buckle
  • Long Thumb Screw

Note: Always select a helmet that meets the applicable safety standard when you use a helmet with a GoPro helmet mount. Always follow the helmet manufacturer's instructions on safe helmet use.

GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount Photo



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