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XClear Hydrophobic Lens Protector for GoPro Cameras

Keep your GoPro footage free from drips, dirt and mud on the lens with the XClear Hydrophobic Lens Protector for GoPro action cameras. Hydrophopic coating lasts for 6 months from new.

£7.95 - £12.95
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The XClear Hydrophobic Lens Protector is your solution to those pesky specs of dirt and smears of water on your GoPro lens while filming. We have all been there, you come in from filming your epic session on the water, mountain, track or whatever and you look back at your footage to discover one small spec of water has completely written off all your footage from the whole day. Frustrating times to say the least but these times are now behind us with the XClear Hydrophobic lens protector! The Lens is rated or 6 months clear filming after fitment but if looked after then could last longer.

Available in two different sizes: Hero 3, 3+ and Hero 4 while the other will work for Hero5, 6 and Hero7 cameras, these lenses will not only protect your cameras glass from being scratched but also prevents any water or dirt from being able to stick to it, keeping your footage perfectly clear all session long!

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