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Flexifoil Quad Flying Lines

Replacement Flying Lines from Flexifoil for your power kite. Matched length dyneema lines in various lengths and line strengths. Any query which are the ones you need give us a call.

Out of stock. Sorry, This item is now Discontinued.

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The right choice of flying line is essential if you want to get the maximum performance from your kite.

Flexifoil Flying Lines are made from hi-grade Dyneema® using the most modern construction techniques. This is combined with a sophisticated extreme pre-stretching process to give you the best performance and lowest stretch. In addition a highly UV-resistant coating helps to reduce friction and prolong life and aids to lower water absorption.

The optimised construction of Flexifoil Flying Lines ensures the best strength-to-weight ratio with minimum aerodynamic drag. Each Flexifoil line set is colour coded for safety and ease of use. 
 Flexifoil 4 Lines: 18 m x 100/75 kg (Sting) - £47.99 Sting lines

Flexifoil 4 Lines: 25m x 200kg/100kg (Std Traction) - £64.99 Rage / Blurr lines

Flexifoil 4 Lines: 25 x 250kg/200kg (Extreme) - £79.99 Rage / Blurr / Blade lines

Material - Dyneema
Line Colours - Red & Blue main lines - Grey brake lines 
 Key Features
» Colour coded line for easy left/right and brake line identification
» Extra long sewn sleeved end loops for easy line attachment
» Line length and strength printed on tabs. Pull tab to easily undo larks head knot.

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