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Kite Accessories - HQ

These are a selection of kite accessories that we offer. If you don't see what you are after please contact us as we can get anything! We stock accessories such as kite stakes, powerkite lines, handles and wind meters plus more!
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HQ Powerkites are a German based company who supply a wide variety of wind items from single line wind spinners to kite performance kitesurfing kites. HQ put a lot of design work into everything they do to ensure the best quality and performance from their equipment.
HQ - Kite Ground Stake

HQ Kite Ground Stake

A simple steel ground stake or peg for your kite with a highly visible orange end making it easy to see in the grass. Perfect for grass fields when powerkiting.
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HQ - Rush Safety System

HQ Rush Safety System

This is a single wrist strap for any 2 line kite on a bar. Loops onto one flying line to bring the kite out of the sky if let go of the bar.
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