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Peter Lynn Back axle

If you have managed to bend your back axle from jumps or riding etc then grab a new one! The Peter Lynn back axles are different for each buggy model so double check.

£45.00 - £83.00
In Stock & available for UK next day delivery
Back axle for spare parts and upgrades, available in a variety of options:

* Competition Standard Axle 90cm - 32mm - 12mm Thread - Freestyle, Recreation
* Competition Standard Axle 140cm - 40mm - 12mm Thread - Racing, Stability
* Competition XR Axle 90cm - 40mm - 20mm Thread - Freestyle, Recreation
* Bigfoot Axle 120cm - 40mm - 20mm Thread - Freestyle, Recreation
* Bigfoot Axle 140cm - 40mm -15mm Thread - Racing, Stability
* Suspension Axle 140cm with 15mm Thread - for use with Competition Standard Buggy
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