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Peter Lynn Walk of Shame Buggy Tow

It's a long walk over the dunes or the beach to the kite area and it's a pain to carry a buggy so keep this stowed on the back axle and make it easy to tow the buggy along!

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Wind dropped and can't get back to where you started? It's time for your Walk of Shame! 
Make your life easy with the walk of shame line from Peter Lynn.  You can take your buggy anywhere without having to carry it by the footpeg or push it. Even on that long trek over the dunes or the fields to get to your riding spot the leash helps you to pull your buggy behind you with your kite bags in the buggy seat making a great trolley!. The ends of the webbing can easily be looped around each footpeg and the comfy handle allows you to pull your buggy up the largest hill with ease. When you need to go down a slope simply walk behind your buggy as it rides down.  

The Walk of Shame line is supplied with a small bag with velcro loops so it can be attached to your buggy seat or frame.
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