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Quality of design, product and service is our highest priority. Using hi-tech composites and specialist aluminium alloys, boards are developed in noSno's dedicated workshops and the unique components are manufactured by aerospace engineers in the UK.
noSno - Freestyle-Freeride

noSno Freestyle-Freeride

The classic noSno board the freestyle freeride is designed for everything. Soft and flexible deck and tough as nails build quality to chew up rocks and spit them out.
£524.99 - £614.99
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noSno - Pro Downhill

noSno Pro Downhill

The noSno Pro Downhill is the top level board with Hydraulic disc brakes fitted. This is the rolls royce of mountainboards and what is used all over the world in the big mountains!
£1499.99 - £1589.00
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noSno - Pro Freeride

noSno Pro Freeride

Everything on the top pro downhill board but without the brake that's the noSno Pro Freeride. Composite axles, deck and everything top of the line. Built to chew the mountain up.
£749.99 - £839.99
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noSno - Pro Freestyle-Freeride

noSno Pro Freestyle-Freeride

Taking the classic freestyle freeride but adding a stiffer pro deck this is the board of choice for many noSno riders in competition and freeride.
£599.99 - £689.99
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noSno - Custom Deck

noSno Custom Deck

The pro level deck from noSno is the Custom. Pick the size and thickness to match your height and weight for best response and ride.
£135.00 - £174.99
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