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noSno Pro Downhill

The noSno Pro Downhill is the top level board with Hydraulic disc brakes fitted. This is the rolls royce of mountainboards and what is used all over the world in the big mountains!

£1499.99 - £1589.00
In Stock & Available for delivery
The noSno Pro Downhill Board is the top of the line brake board. This is the board that has unrivalled performance and stability at high speed that has maintained an unbeaten record at the World Downhill Championships over the years.

The basics of the board are the same as the Pro Freeride but the brake has been added along with 9 inch tyres and the rock guard on the back axle so it has everything you would need to decend any mountain at speed!

This is the top of the line board where everything is there to make it down the mountain with the maximum strength and control.

Please note these noSno boards are built to order so please contact us if you are interested to check everything is available and ready for you to order.

noSno are a custom built board so please note there may be a slight delay in delivery as all boards are built to order.  Normally delivery is between 2 and 5 days from order.
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There is the Stiff Long Custom Deck to give maximum performance and control at high speed. There is the flexible composite axles for shock absorption, increased carve and superior ride. With adjustable length and width this board can be customised easily to exactly what is needed. The Hydraulic Disc Brake System is the best in the market by miles and is built to STOP and protect against damage from rocks and debris. The Rock Guard on the rear axle acts as a deflector and slider so when in very rocky terrain it makes it almost impossible for the board to hang up on a rock or a root. 
Deck: Custom Extra Stiff Long (12x770)
Axle Hangers: Pro Alloy
Rubber Bushings: Medium
Axle: Composite Standard with Rear Axle Guard
Wheels: Primo Composite
Tyres: 9 inch Primo Striker
Brake: noSno Hydraulic Discs
Recommended Bindings: noSno Soft or Rage (NOT INCLUDED)

noSno boards are always fully customisable so if you have any special requests please contact us to build the tailor made board you require.

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.