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HQ Symphony Sport Trainer Power Kite

Based from the super popular HQ Symphony Beach the sport has a bar to make it into a trainer kite. Super affordable and fun to fly to practice your kite skills.

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HQ Symphony Sport Rainbow 2 Line Trainer Power Kite - A good beginners kite and a great trainer kite for people wanting something simple to practice with for future kitesurfing training. We recommend the additional Safety Leash system if using the kites with juniors.

Excellent flight performance, easy handling and tons of fun are the attributes of the new HQ Symphony Sport. Designed to match the demands of beginners these kites offer a very good price performance ratio and reasonable accessories. This model is the 1.3m wide version in pictures below with options of the bigger 1.8m and 2.2m wide versions which are great for older children and adults who want a bit more pull from the kite without moving up to the more expensive four line power kites.

All sizes in the Symphony Beach range are constructed with flyers' fun in mind. HQ Symphony Beach kites fly very stable to deliver remarkable speed and pull for their sizes. These kites provide worry-free fun and will keep any kite flyer entertained for hours.

The HQ Symphony Beach comes ready to fly in the provided bag. The kite comes with the lines and bar and all you need to do is connect the lines for the first flight, you can see below the process for doing this. Each size of the kite has a stronger line strength to deal with the increased power. Check out the list below for the specifications of size and strength.

HQ Symphony Beach Rainbow Power Kite Specification and size guide:
How to setup a 2 line powerkite

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