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HQ4 Beamer Power Kite

The HQ Beamer VI is the sixth evolution of this iconic kite from German designers HQ. Suitable for beginners to more advanced pilots this is the perfect route into traction kiting.

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The HQ4 Beamer has been around in powerkiting for many years and is now on it's seventh evolution from it's initial starting place. Originally designed to offer great four line performance for buggy and landboard riders at a great price. The Beamer VII is still true to this but has moved up in the range with better cleaner design and lighter stronger more high performance fabrics. Leaving the HQ4 Alpha for the beginners the Beamer is the perfect kite for hammering about in a buggy and getting your first airs on a landboard without the expense of depower kites.

The HQ4 Beamer is a mid aspect ratio four line power kite which has very stable flying characteristics even in rough winds. The bridle has been reduced and optimised for minimum drag and maximum performance.  The Beamer is a classic power kite and offers amazing good fun in all disciplines of kite flying. You can park and ride this in a buggy and tweak the brake lines to give extra power boost on long tacks.

The HQ4 Beamer comes ready to fly with handles and kite killers which is the most agile method of control. You can add a bar to the kite as an extra if you prefer bar style flying  but it is more agile on handles.

What power kite size do I need? is a common question we get asked.
If you are an adult rider then the most common sizes are the 3m and 4m versions as they offer the widest wind range for an average adult. A really common quiver of sizes for average traction riders is a 3m and a 5m to cover light winds and stronger conditions. The wind range chart below gives some good indication but the upper wind ranges are based on experienced riders using buggies while beginners will be overpowered easily before those winds. We always recommend beginners to stick below 20mph winds until they are used to the kite then expand your wind range with your experience.

HQ4 Beamer Powerkite Specifications:

  • Mid Aspect four line power kite
  • Reduced bridle for minimum drag
  • Extremely stable flight characteristics
  • Wide wind range per size
  • Complete with Quad Handles and Kite Killers
  • Ground Stake included
  • Lines supplied 20m 200Kg / 100Kg Coloured Dyneema
  • Storage Backpack
  • Instruction Manual


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