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Power Kites - HQ4

Power kiting is an easily accessible sport that is appropriate for all age groups. They are small to pack down and extremely durable which makes them ideal for recreational use with kids and families as an alternative to sparred delta kites. We stock a wide variety of powerkites from simple beginner 2 line to more advanced 4 line kites. Whether you want to skud along the beach, blast around in a buggy or boost with a landboard we will have the suitable gear available. We fly ourselves and test every kite before it goes onto the website so give us a call with any specific questions you may have.
Born in the wind and built up from the ground as one of the first reputable kite brands ever to make it on the market; HQ4 or previously known as HQ meet all the requirements of quality kite manufacturing that meets the needs of rider because they are riders. Pushing their passion into their designs no matter which discipline of the sport you are ride, HQ4 have something that will truly get the juices flowing!
HQ4 - Alpha Beginner Power Kite

HQ4 Alpha Beginner Power Kite

The HQ4 Alpha is based on the older Beamer designs. It's a superb kite for people who want the power and control of a four line kite while flying using handles.
£147.95 - £184.95
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HQ4 - Beamer Power Kite

HQ4 Beamer Power Kite

The HQ Beamer VI is the sixth evolution of this iconic kite from German designers HQ. Suitable for beginners to more advanced pilots this is the perfect route into traction kiting.
£188.95 - £264.95
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HQ4 - Fluxx Trainer Kite

HQ4 Fluxx Trainer Kite

The HQ4 Fluxx is ideal for basic powerkite on a bar or a starter trainer kite for learning to progress to kitesurfing. Simple 2 line control with a bar and optional wrist strap.
£49.95 - £74.95
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HQ4 - Rush Pro Trainer Power Kite

HQ4 Rush Pro Trainer Power Kite

The Rush Pro is the three line trainer kite with a bar in HQ's range. Superb build quality and power for learning to kite surf and also general power kiting and traction.
£159.95 - £199.95
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