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HQ4 Fluxx Trainer Kite

The HQ4 Fluxx is ideal for basic powerkite on a bar or a starter trainer kite for learning to progress to kitesurfing. Simple 2 line control with a bar and optional wrist strap.

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If you are looking for a simple affordable kite to access the sport and perhaps progress then the Fluxx by HQ4 is perfect for some fun. Coming in three sizes for increased power and user age/size then there is some fluxx fun for everyone in the family. The Fluxx is smooth on power and easy handling with a simple relaunch if crashed. The two line system is super easy to setup and pack away and with the addition of the wrist strap system it is safe too.  The Fluxx is a robust shape and minimal bridle to keep things simple and strong.

Please note if you are using the kite with younger riders we heavily recommend the safety system option as this stops the kite flying off on it's own if the bar is released.

Wanting to learn to kitesurf then the bigger sizes of the hq fluxx do pack a punch and help you brush up your kite skills on land before diving into lessons on the water.  

HQ Fluxx Trainer Power Kite Flying on Beach

HQ Flux Features and Specifications:
  • ready to fly with lines attached for immediate launch
  • stable flight characteristics
  • automatic relaunch
  • robust materials & construction
  • perfect tool for easy access into power kiting
  • Sail - Ripstop Polyester
  • Bar (incl.) - Control Bar 45cm
  • Age - 16+

HQ Fluxx Kitesurf Trainer Kite Bar

Hq Fluxx Technical details:

HQ Fluxx 1.3m Red

  • Span - 130 cm
  • Height - 55 cm
  • Line Set (incl.) - Dyneema 50 kp, 2 x 20 m
  • Wind - 5 - 26 knots
  • Color - Red
  • AR - 2.82

HQ Fluxx 1.8m Green

  • Span - 180 cm
  • Height - 60 cm
  • Line Set (incl.) - Dyneema 100 kp, 2 x 25 m
  • Wind - 4 - 26 knots
  • Color - Green
  • AR - 3.6

HQ Fluxx 2.2m Blue

  • Span - 220 cm
  • Height - 73 cm
  • Line Set (incl.) - Dyneema 100 kp, 2 x 25 m
  • Wind - 3 - 26 knots
  • Color - Blue
  • AR - 3.63
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