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HQ4 Rush Pro School 300 Depower Trainer Kite

The HQ Rush Pro School 300 brings depower function into a trainer kite for extra practice for kitesurfing. You need to have a kite harness to use this kite as can't be flown without.

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The HQ4 Rush Pro School 300 is a special depower kite because it has a depower bar and bridle system like a kitesurf kite.  It is not water relaunch-able so is only for use on land not in the water. But you have to use a harness and moving the bar in and out sheets the kite in and out just like a kitesurfing kite.  Perfect o be prepared for kitesurfing, snowkiting and landboarding! So adding an extra dimension to your learning to kite surf then this fast trainer kite gives the extra depower challenge and technique for training. 

Due to the depower system then the HQ4 Rush Pro School 300 can be flown in stronger winds than a similar sized trainer kite. It is even suitable for higher wind buggy and landboard use. Great for progressing riders wanting to learn on land ready for the water but also great fun to fly around and get powered in stronger winds.

We were really impressed with the Rush School trainer kite due to it's simple depower bridle and ease of use it's perfect for those wanting more challenge after their first lesson kitesurfing and already have some understanding of depower flying. The bar has no trim adjustment to make it simpler to use but has a good simple chicken loop with lock ready for a kite harness and also a leash connection ring that flags the kite out onto one front line. Where it is a depower kite then it needs a little more wind than a similar sized fixed bridle kite due to extra weight of bridle and depower system. We recommend 10mph+ for best flying and depower funtions.

HQ4 Rush Pro School 300 Depower Trainer Power Kite

HQ4 Rush Pro School 300 Depower Kite Features and Specs:

  • Complete with depower controlbar and chickenloop
  • Ready-to-fly set (requires harness and leash)
  • Simple handling - uncomplicated flight characteristics
  • Large wind range
  • Wing Span - 300 cm
  • Wing Height - 111 cm
  • Sail - Ripstop Polyester + Nylon
  • Line Set Dyneema 200 kg 4 x 20 m
  • Bar (inc.) - DePower Trainer Bar
  • Wind - 4 - 24 Knoten
  • Age - 16+
  • Colour - Blue
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