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HQ4 Rush Pro Trainer Power Kite

3 line safety on a trainer kite that packs a punch

The Rush Pro is the three line trainer kite with a bar in HQ's range. Superb build quality and power for learning to kite surf and also general power kiting and traction.

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The HQ4 Rush Pro is the 3 line version of the Rush V with the wrist strap safety system and high level build quality. This is the perfect HQ4 kite to learn kite flying to progress onto kite surfing. You steer the kite with the bar system and then if you need to just let go and the kite will drop down to the floor without any power. Easy relaunch using the third like makes it super easy to get back up and flying again. The materials and build quality are extremely robust and hours of smashing this kite into the floor in testing has made it ideal for school use as well as just regular flyers. 

HQ4 Rush Pro Kitesurf Trainer Power Kite

There are three sizes of the Rush Pro kite 250, 300 and 350. These are the approximate wing span of the kite in cm so ideally choose the right size based on rider size and winds intending to use it in:

Rush Pro 250 - Wing Span 2.5m - Recom. Wind Range: 10-25mph - 175/100Kg x 20m Lines
The 250 size is the ideal size for smaller users and in stronger winds, it is fast and packs a punch.

Rush Pro 300 - Wing Span 3.0m - Recom. Wind Range: 7-22mph - 175/100Kg x 20m Lines
The mid size 300 is a good all rounder with speed and power but beware when the wind increases.

Rush Pro 350 - Wingspan 3.55m - Recom. Wind Range: 5-20mph - 220/100Kg x 20mLines
The big boy is a bit slower through the sky than it's brothers but has a real wallop of power when the wind picks up!

The HQ4 Rush Pro comes with everything you need to fly the kite and even has the lines already attached so all you need to do is unwind and get up and flying:

  • Rush V Pro Canopy with high grade ripstop nylon
  • Stitched and reduced dyneema bridle for less drag
  • Dyneema Flying Lines 20m
  • 3 Line control bar with safety leash
  • Instruction guide
  • Shoulder bag storage matching kite colour.

Three Line bar system for Rush V Pro Kite

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