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Crab Grab Shark Teeth Traction Pack

The Crab Grab Shark Teeth, Guaranteed to bite into your boot to providing a strong crab like grip. Why have a normal old fashioned stomp when you can get shark teeth!

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Simplicity at its finest… why have studs on your snowboard when you can use shark teeth? The pro stomp pad from Scotty Stevens for one footed grippy landings these are super grippy and can be cut up into sections rather than just used in a big block.  Want a super grippy stomp then get some teeth.

“Nothing works better. You can't argue with science.”
-Scott Stevens

Crab Grab Sharks Teeth Snowboard Stomp Pad

Sharks Teeth Snowboard Stomp Pad  Features:

  • SHARK TEETH Ovular spikes, modeled after nature’s best bite.
  • PLASTI-CARTILAGE The durability of plastic with the flexibility of cartilage
  • GROOVE GILLS Flexes with your board to let it bend naturally, and easy to cut & customise.
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