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Dakine Micro Lock

Don't have your snowboard go for a walk without you whilst on the slopes this season. Secure it with this micro lock from Dakine. Small and easy to carry with a 3 digit code.

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The Dakine Micro Lock is an absolute must for your holiday this season if you want to hang-on to your pride and joy - lock up your snowboard!

A small, light and obvious choice for holidays or time on the slopes. Try explaining to the police what's happened to your board if you cant speak the language - it certainly isn't much fun!
We have also found people using these to secure other things like longboards, scooters even bikes for short times when popping in the shop and don't want to carry round a big heavy lock. While it won't stop a professional thief it will stop an opportunist who would then take someone else's unlocked item!
Dakine Micro Lock Features:
  • Set your own 3 digit combination.
  • 76cm retractable cable.
  • Secure up to two boards with one lock.
If you want a longer cable then check out the Dakine Cool Lock.
[ The lock is preset to open at 0-0-0 ]
1.  Make sure the cable is retracted into the lock body, and that the dials are set to the current combination  
2.  Push down hard on the cable head until you hear a "click" 
3.  Turn the dials to your new combination 
4.  Push in the cable trigger and pull out the cable head; Your new combination is now set and ready to use

To Lock
1.  Push in cable trigger and pull out cable to desired length 
2.  Insert cable head into locking port. You will hear a "click" when the locking mechanism engages
3.  Scramble the dials

To Open 
1.  Set dials to your combination
2.  Press opening button
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