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Demon Snow Complete Tune Kit

just add wax


An easy to carry all in one snowboard tuning solution in a handy carry case. All you need to add for a week or a month away snowboarding is the wax of your choice.

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Demon Snow Complete Snowboard Tune Kit - Everything you need to tune your snowboard apart from the wax. Giving your snowboard a service is relatively easy but there are  several items you need to make it happen. This kit has generally everything just add your choice of wax  we recommend the beaver or demon all temps if you are unsure where to start.

Demon Snow Tune Kit Includes:  

  • Edge tuner 
  • Tuning stone 
  • Wax scrapper 
  • Flat file 
  • Wire brush 
  • Mini iron with UK Plug
  • Polish pad 
  • Ptex 
  • Carry case

Demon's most advanced tune kit. This kit keeps on giving a great waxing experience. Just add wax!

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