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Demon Snow PTEX Candles

great for short term snowboard base repairs

No one likes the idea of hitting a rock or making a dent in your snowboards base but these things do happen. Luckily the solution is cheap & comes in the form of PTEX.

In Stock & available for UK next day delivery
NThe Demon Snow P-TEX Candle is a rod of approx 8mm Diameter "White/Translucent" or "Black" PTEX about 250mm long. They have a candle wick through the middle so burning is easy.

Cheap and cheerful really but will repair gauges in boards without any problem.

Check out the other demon accessories for tuning kits, base cleaner and wax all essentials to DIY snowboard waxing and repair. 
Buy multiple rods to save on postage costs as they are a small item you only pay postage once.

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