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OBrien 12v iSup Rapid Inflator Pump 20psi

This is perfect pump for inflating paddleboard up to riding pressure. Two stage pump that can reach 20psi and take the hard work out so you can have fun faster!

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No one really likes pumping sup's up by hand and would much rather be on the water instead. Well with this pump that is possible. Connect and press go and it can inflate to your required pressure upto 20psi maximum and switch off automatically. 

We have been using this pump ourselves and it does fit most brands of SUP without issue but can be a very tight fit to some connections until the prongs wear in. We gave ours a light sand with some sandpaper under the clip arms and it make it fit everything much easier faster. The other option is changing the rubber washer to a slightly thinner one is you have trouble.

Please note you need a powerful supply to your car adaptor otherwise you can end up popping fuses in modern cars or connect direct to the car battery and maybe have car running if the battery is small as this and other inflater pump does take power and you don't want to jumpstart the car after pumping a few boards. ;-)

OBrien Rapid 12v iSUP Inflator Pump Specifications:

  • Powerful, high-volume 12V/DC
  • Adjustable from 1 to 20 PSI
  • Quickly, easily inflates/deflates SUP’s and Drop-Stitch mats
  • Kink-proof hose
  • Digital PSI gauge
  • Stops automatically when inflated to setting
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