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STX SUP Coiled Leash 10ft

With a very sturdy ankle support, the coiled leashed are fantastic at not getting in the way or caught on shallow reefs, riverbeds or weed on the river.

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The STX Coiled Leash in Black is specifically designed for use in shallow waters. Whilst this leash would work perfectly in deep water too, the STX Coiled leash boasts a much shorter length giving you far less leash to tangle, trip or get caught on the river/sea bed. 

"At 10ft Long (uncoiled) this leash is an awesome size for the majority of SUPs on the market. I would also be suitable for Longboard Surfboards."

The 10ft Leash features a heavy duty cuff, so you can be assured your SUP or Longboard is safe from drifting away. Leashes are one of the cheapest ways to make SUP and Longboarding safer. Boards have a large surface area, and without a leash it is very easy to lose a board downwind (and yes, they can go faster than you can swim!) 



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Leash Safety for SUP Use:

Please check out the graphic below and use the appropriate leash or safety device for the location you would be riding in.

SUP Leash Safety Choice Graphic British Canoeing


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