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Bic Sport Dura-Tec 7ft 3in Mini Malibu Surfboard

The worlds most popular board. The Mini Mal is also the most popular shape. This Dura-Tech Surfboard will take you from catching waves, to riding the perfect unbroken waves.

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The Dura-Tech Line Carver Mini Malibu Surfboard is probably BIC's most popular board in the range and for a reason, it is spot on for taking your surfing to the next level, still with a wide nose for those easy pick ups. This board performs well at speed too, making this board suitable from beginner, through progression and onto the more advanced surfers. The Dura-Tech board will have you gliding along the unbroken waves and tearing up the lips and is durable for those 'beginner wipeouts' and versatile enough to use in a huge range of conditions. 

The 7ft 3in Mini Mal Bic  surfboard is very stable from the time you pop up and with a great drive from the bottom edge, this board really rips when you through some advanced power at it, allowing you to set yourself up for the rest of your ride.   

The 7ft 3in Mini Malibu shape and size is popular because it's perfect for most average size adult riders that are not on the beach every day. You want a board to enjoy the ride but know it's going to possibly get bashed it up a bit on route!

  •  A shape well-adapted to beginners and easy progression to introduce advanced surfing
  • A strong, hard-wearing board that won't be easily damaged
  • Includes FCS fins (The industry standard for surfers worldwide)

BIC Surfboards Dura-Tec Construction Details

Tech Specs and Sizes of BIC 7ft 3in Mini Malibu Surfboard

7'3" 21"1/4 2"1/2 46 L 12.5 LBS < 176 lbs
  • Fin Set up : Thruster Tri
  • Fin Supplied : FCS M5 Thruster Tri
  • Weight range : < 176 lbs

Bic Surf 7ft 3in Mini Mal Rider Graph

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