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Mountainboards Trampa -

Mountainboarding is an awesome outdoor sport and very easy to get started with. There are loads of riding locations all over the UK from specific mountainboard centres to public hills and woodlands. We stock a range of dirt boards suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders who demand the most from their equipment. We carry spares and accessories for all of our boards so you will never have issues repairing your mountainboard. We supply boards from MBS, Kheo, Scrub, Trampa Boards, Flexifoil and NoSno. If you want a kite landboard or a downhill board we should have the right board for you!
Trampa Boards Ltd are composite specialists, producing all terrain mountain boards and kite boards. Trampa are the first mountain board & kite board manufacturer in the world to be able to produce a bullet proof, rider weight specific, custom handmade mountain and kite board deck, that can be super flexi or stiff.  

Trampa Kite 15 Freeride Model

Looking for a great intermediate kiteboard which has all the spec but not the glam then this is the one! The Trampa 15 Freeride has all the top trampa features but in plain black.

Trampa Kite 15 Hybrid Pro Model

The higher end Trampa board ideal for advanced kiteboarders the 15 Hybrid pro board is light and has the Hybrid velcro bindings that have as much support as ratchets but no buckles.

Trampa Downhill 35 Short Freeride

The Trampa 35 Short Freeride is ideal for smaller riders or kite boarders wanting a channel truck board for speed but don't need the longer heavier decks.

Trampa Downhill 35 Long Freeride

The entry into the Trampa race and freeride boards for more advanced riders the stealth like Trampa downhill 35 deg long is perfect for adult riders wanting to ride everything.
£399.95 - £399.99

Trampa Downhill 35 Long Comp Red Black

The Trampa Downhill 35 Comp Black and Red Mountain Board is great intermediate to advanced mountainboard with Vertigo Trucks, Hypa Hubs, Alpha Tyres and Ratchet bindings.

Trampa Holey Pro Kiteboard

The Trampa Holey Pto is a an extremely tough & good looking kiteboard for riders wanting great performance for freestyle & freeride riding. Comes in multiple deck plys.

Trampa Holy Pro Downhill Complete Red White

The Holy Pro 35 Downhill Complete is the top end of Trampa's range with Ultimate Ti Trucks, Superstar wheels and Ratchet Bindings this is the top end race board with attitude.