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Changing a Tyre or Puncture

Changing Tyre or a Puncture on a Mountainboard:

  • Remove wheel (see reverse of wheel installation below)
  • Let air out of tyre (unless already flat).
  • Using a hex key undo the bolts holding the hub together. (Take care not to loose nuts and bolts). (or untwist hub if mbs twistars)
  • Split the hub apart and pull the inner tube out.
  • Check the inside of the tyre for spikes or debris.
  • Repair the puncture as advised in cycle puncture kit.
  • Put the repaired (or new) inner tube back into tyre.
  • Pump inner tube up slightly so it fills the tyre and does not have any creases.
  • Place hubs back together. (There is a hole for the valve to go through).
  • Tighten the hex bolts back up equally ensuring the tyre and tube fit snugly and correctly onto the hub.
  • Replace wheel back onto axle and tighten as indicated in wheel installation.
  • Inflate tyre to pressure of other tyres.

Wheel Installation:

  • Remove wheel nut from axle.
  • Slide wheel onto axle (valve stem pointing inwards).
  • Tighten nut onto axle until it is tight.
  • Loosen nut half a turn so that the wheel spins freely.
  • Make sure the treads are fully though the nut and nylon insert.
  • Repeat for other wheels.


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