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Mountainboards - Junior Boards

Mountainboarding is an awesome outdoor sport and very easy to get started with. There are loads of riding locations all over the UK from specific mountainboard centres to public hills and woodlands. We stock a range of dirt boards suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders who demand the most from their equipment. We carry spares and accessories for all of our boards so you will never have issues repairing your mountainboard. We supply boards from all major makes. If you want a kite landboard or a downhill board we should have the right board for you!
Kheo - Core V2 Junior Mountainboard

Kheo Core V2 Junior Mountainboard

The Kheo Core V2 is a mountain board aimed at junior riders. Ideal for children up to around 10 years old. Kheo Core features a smaller and narrower deck for shorter legs and softer turning.
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Kheo - Flyer V2 Mountainboard

Kheo Flyer V2 Mountainboard

The Kheo Flyer V2 is a great slightly shorter channel truck board ideal for kite flyers or shorter downhill riders wanting super stable board for speed runs or prefer channel trucks.
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Kheo - Kicker V3 Mountainboard

Kheo Kicker V3 Mountainboard

The Kheo Kicker V3 is a great board for starting junior mountainboarding or adult kiteboarding. Perfect as a junior or smaller adult downhill board with reliable parts and great ride.
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MBS - Colt 90 Constellation Mountainboard

MBS Colt 90 Constellation Mountainboard

The MBS Colt 90 Constellation mountain board has seen some amazing upgrades this year and is ideal for juniors or adults who want a good board for learning kite and downhill riding.
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MBS - Colt 90X Brake Mountainboard

MBS Colt 90X Brake Mountainboard

The MBS Colt 90X is a great beginner board for adult or junior riders who want a brake included. Based off the Colt90 but with a brake fitted ready to ride.
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MBS - Core 94 Axe Mountainboard

MBS Core 94 Axe Mountainboard

The MBS Core 94 Axe mountainboard or kiteboard is so much more than it's previous Core boards. Now with 12mm skate trucks and F5 bindings and composite deck it's ready for everything.
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Trampa - Kite 15 Freeride Model

Trampa Kite 15 Freeride Model

A great intermediate kiteboard which has all the spec without the too much glam! The Trampa 15 Freeride has all the top features for kite landboarding.
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