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Flexifoil ProLink Handles

The Flexifoil ProLink Handles are designed for riders pushing their discipline harder and harder all the time. Your control gear needs to keep pace and reliability.

£39.95 - £44.95
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The Flexifoil ProLink 4-Line Handles are designed for the rapidly progressing land kite scene. With riders pushing their discipline harder and harder every year, your control gear needs to keep pace.

The Flexifoil ProLink Handles will advance the market and provide fliers of any 4-line fixed-power kite with the ultimate partner to their favourite foil. Based on fundamental principles of usability, durability and ergonomics, the ProLink Handles will make you appreciate the advantage that well-designed control gear can give you.

Without Kite Killers - £39.99
With Kite Killers - £44.99

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