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Ozone 4 Line Bar Mono Swivel Chicken


The Mono Swivel Chicken Lopp line velcro's onto the centre of a control bar to allow you to use a harness with the bar. Perfect for a trainer kite for learning to kitesurf.

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The Ozone 4 Line Bar Mono Swivel Megatron Chicken Loop is designed for any 4line bar from the likes of Ozone, Flexifoil, Radsail and Peterlynn.

The chicken loop attaches to an existing bar with a simple larks head knot and gives the same quick release as found on the Ozone Frenzy and Manta. The loop also rotates so you can spin underneath the bar.

This is a great addition to any 4 line no depower bar or to replace an older strop with a more advance, safer and controllable option.

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