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Remind Insoles Cush DCP YES

Biomechanically engineered design for proper foot and joint alignment while relieving body stress and distributing weight and shock from heavy impacts.

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These biomechanically engineered insoles not only add a level of comfort customisation to your shoes/ boots but the design contributes to proper foot and joint alignment relieving stress in key areas around your body and legs. The Cush series insoles comes with Blue Magic impact absorption in the forefoot and heel. This self forming foam combined with a 3/4 supportive cap ensure high end performance for the harder riders or riders in need of that little extra support by distributing weight and shock from heavy impacts throughout the insoles. 

For the ultimate in shock resistance and ankle/ joint support in your daily routine whether its walking to the office or sending kickers on a snowboard, the Remind Cush Insoles have got your back!

The Remind Cush DCP YES Performance Orthotics Insoles specs:

  • Low- Mid arch support
  • 5.5mm Thickness
  • Mid/ Wide width
  • Self moulding
  • 1.8 oz
  • Medium stiffness
  • Highly durable
  • Anti microbial
  • 3/4 Length safeguard support
  • Blue magic self moulding impact foam
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