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Burton Binding Tongue Slider Spare

This is a spare tongue slider for the binding strap on Burton Snowboard Bindings. If you have managed to break a ladder strap this is what you need. Toe and Anke versions.

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These Binding Tongue Sliders otherwise  known as Binding Ladders fit burton classic bindings with the straight ratchets like on the freestyle, custom, mission and cartel binding range among other burton bindings.

Sold as Each slider so you would need two for a pair of Burton Snowboard Bindings.

There are two versions the smaller Toe Tongue Sliders for the toe straps and the larger Ankle Tongue sliders for the Ankle straps.

  • Burton Toe Tongue Slider - 167mm long x 19.5mm wide, 4mm tooth pitch.
  • Burton Ankle Tongue Slider - 190mm long x 24mm wide, 5mm tooth pitch.
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