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Dakine Adjustable Wax Tuning Iron

Perfect for hot waxing the ski's or snowboard. The Dakine wax tuning iron has a flat solid base and beveled edges to make it easy and great temperature control.

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The Dakine Adjustable Wax Tuning Iron is the essential item for those that are after perfection in their Ski and Snowboard waxing! This is a lightweight compact snowboard iron with perfectly smooth base and beveled edges so it makes it really easy to apply wax over the board without excess scraping required! There is full temperature control so the wax does not overheat to give the best results for all waxes. We use one of these for our servicing of snowboards in store and it's had years of use!

The iron is supplied with a 2 Pin continental plug which would fit any UK travel adaptor for europeans visiting the uk.  (These are available from all major UK supermarkets or hardware stores)
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