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Burton Throwback Snurfer Snowboard 130cm


To go forward you have to look back is what burton say! Well the Throwback is harping back to the start of snowboarding and is perfect for a bit of local snow in the park!

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The Burton Throwback 130cm is a real step back in time to when snowboarding was first starting and is a shaped plank to get you surfing or "snurfing" down the hill. Don't expect top level performance but do expect a lot of fun in the local park when you get a few inches of snow! Also they are awesome fun in a bit of deep powder near your chalet.  

Burton Throwback 2019 snowboard snurfer sledge snow surfer

The original Burton Backhill came out in 1981 and was a pure piece of Burton's history. The Throwback is a resurrection of this board but with some newer tech with an extruded base and some side cut and rocker tech added in along with the necessary rope handle to pull the nose up and drag it back uphill. If you are feeling nostalgic and don't want to wreak your best board with a bit of sledging in thin UK snow then you really can't go wrong with one of these boards! 

Burton Throwback 2019 snowboard snurfer sledge snow surfer

The 130cm Burton Throwback is the adult size and most popular it is also available on special order in a 100cm length for young riders.

Please note many resorts will not let you on a lift with one of these boards so you are hiking the town. But there is still a lot of fun to be had with this board on short runs or if you can get a lift up!

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