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Naish iSUP Maliko 14ft x 27in x 6in Carbon Paddleboard

For the serious racers looking to take the win each and every time you race, even if its just racing your mates or on a nationals level. Look no further than the Maliko!

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By far the stiffest iSUP we have EVER ridden here at ATBShop. Currently an industry leader in technology the Maliko combines dual density edges with carbon stringers to produce the stiffest iSUP available on the market today! To put things in to perspective the Naish ONE or N1SCO iSUPS have a stiffness rating of 3.8... The Naish Maliko has a stiffness rating of 11!!

For those of your looking to go faster than your ever have before and win the races you can only dream of winning. There is no spec in this board that hasn't been over seen and take it from us when we say the Maliko does not disappoint. The first of its kind in inflatable SUPs to have carbon stringers for the un-matching rigid feel of what a race board of this calibre should be, the Maliko has no compromise.

Naish iSUP Maliko 14ft x 27in x 6in Carbon Paddleboard in listing close up of top deck

The Maliko now features a higher inflation of a wopping 21PSI for exceptional stiffness while the top and bottom carbon stringers make this the stiffest iSUP yet preventing any rocker or bending of the board which in return creates drag on the water.  Double layer rails combined with Naish's  insane Fusion Dropstitch add to the boards overall longevity, durability and stiffness  while offering a significantly lighter alternative to traditional stitching methods.The Maliko simply glides by perfectly piercing its way through the water using its pointed nose and hydroslick edges which in turn increase paddling efficiency by reducing wasted energy from the surface tension on the tail.

Added deck handles make running with the board on and off the water much easier while saving you a few very crucial seconds in the heat of the race. Double density pads offer easy positioning on the board with exceptional grip while remaining soft on the body and reducing any foot fatigue. 

Naish iSUP Maliko 14ft x 27in x 6in Carbon Paddleboard in listing close up of base

Our overall view of this insane iSUP:

The Naish Maliko is inspired by the Maliko Hard Board collection and we believe it holds up to their legacy brilliantly if not better! Having the ability to chuck this beauty in the back of any car and practice racing while on the go opens up a whole new era of SUP racing. Its superior stiffness to anything we have tested before really sets it aside from the rest of the industry as it really is a board built for people who want to win... With the finish line in sight the only thing you need to watch out for is someone else on a Naish Maliko!

The Naish iSUP Maliko Inflatable 14ft x 27in x 6in Fusion Carbon Paddleboard Specs:

  • Ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/ 104kg
  • Length: 14'0"/ 426.7cm
  • Width: 27"/ 68.6cm
  • Thickness: 6"/ 15.2cm
  • Volume: 357L
  • Top and bottom Double Carbon Stringers
  • Fusion Dropstitch
  • High pressure rated at 21PSI
  • US fin box with race fin + butterfly and phillips screw included
  • Double layer rails
  • Hydroslick edges
  • Added deck handles
  • Dual density pads
  • Maliko inflatable bag included
  • Dual Flow pump included

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