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Naish SUP Alana Inflatable 11ft 6in x32in Fusion Womens Paddleboard

The Nash Alana sits between the full race and entry level line to give super high spec performance tweaked to womens sizes. Lightweight and awesome touring inflatable SUP.

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Naish has really pushed the limits this season with their Inflatable board tech and have introduced some hidden next level designs in all their models to propel their boards to new heights. The Alana was always the women's model in the line and now it is a touring racer based off the mens Glide and Maliko race board with superb glide and tracking in the water and lightweight but stiff fusion dropstitch construction. Taking many of it's design features from the top of the line maliko board the Alana is really pushing forward the womens SUP touring market.

The Nash Alana is designed for women paddlers that want to explore further and cover distance with ease. The Alana offers improved performance and capabilities than the entry level SUP board while still being stable and easy to use. A combination of light and stiff construction and shaping gives confidence for riders to enjoy touring and take everything in their stride.

Glide further and faster with the Naish Alana a premium Womens touring board that is overtaking most brands race boards in efficiency.

There is just one size in the Touring Alana board  11ft 6in x 32in which is slightly shorter and wider than the naish one but gives heightened glide and really extends the gap from starter boards. Extra features on the Alana are Hydroslick Edges to reduce wasted energy creating a clean water release on the tail. Additional handles have been added on the nose making it easier to get the board in and out on slippery banks. Lastly the double density deck pad is soft but supportive when you are moving about on the board for those tight turns.

Nash Alana 11ft 6in x 32in Womens Touring Paddleboard Features and Specifications:

  • High Pressure Rated = Superior stiffness
  • Standardised Stiffness Rating - 6.2
  • Ideal for riders upto 85Kg
  • Length 11ft 6in (350.5cm)
  • Width 32in (81.3cm)
  • Thickness 6in (15.2cm)
  • Weight 10.7Kg
  • Volume 239L
  • Fusion Dropstitch = Superior stiffness + lightweight
  • Hydroslick Edges = Increases paddling efficiency by reducing wasted energy from surface tension on the tail
  • US Fin Box = More fin options + tool-less fin installation
  • Double Density Pads = Easy positioning on the board + great grip while paddling + soft on your body while getting on and off the board
  • Double Layer Rails = Greater durability + longevity + added stiffness
  • Added Deck Handles = Easy to get in & out of the water in any situation
  • Added Cargo Strap = Pack extra gear to go further!
  • Accessory Mount = Attach your GPS or POV camera


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