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Kitesurfing is an awesome sport which can be done by just about anyone. The kitesurf kite is a important part and the right help in selection is essential. If you are a beginner kitesurfer getting started or after your next kite quiver at the right price, we can help make the right decisions with you. We fly everything listed on our site and can often provide demos when available. We have beginner, freeride, freestyle and wave kites below. We do not sell every kite brand, but ride and specialise in the brands we stock. We can normally get other models too from the brands we list so if you want something special please contact us.
Ozone is a rider and pilot driven company solely dedicated to creating the best kiting and paragliding equipment on and above the planet. Always well known for their build quality and attention to detail as they have their own factory, you can rely on their design and build in all their products. The current Ozone Kitesurfing range includes the Reo, Catalyst, C4, Edge and Zephyr. 
Edge 2013 Kitesurfing Race Kite
Reo Kitesurfing Wave Kite
£660.00 - £1385.00
Chrono Kitesurfing Race Kite
£1475.00 - £1950.00
C4 Kitesurfing Kite
£795.99 - £1615.00
Zephyr Lightwind Kitesurf Kite
£1075.00 - £1420.00
Catalyst Kitesurfing Kite
£565.00 - £1375.00