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Flysurfer Radical 5 Kitesurf Board

A freeriders dream kitesurf board for all water conditions and riding styles

The Radical5 from Flyboards has been our Team's board of choice for years. Big air, slashing around in waves & hitting flat water lagoons are a pleasure on the Radical. (Complete with Bindings)

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The Flysurfer Radical 5 kitesurf board is the latest version of the series that has been a firm favourite for our team at ATBShop. From everything from waves to chop and flatwater and crusing around to competition freestyle with wake boots the radical has proven it's versatility. The Flysurfer Radical 5 always has that "German Engineering" finish to the design where Flysurfer have tried to improve on their already good product. It looks quite different to many boards out there with it's asymmetrical profile to make easier toe side. The foam core lightens the board where the strength of full wood isn't needed and has been proven strong and durable. New for the Radical 5 then we have a new rocker line to improve the ride and also the new tool-less fin fitment making it easy for travel. Also new pads and straps and a new size in the range and we are stoked with this years board. We just haven't found such a versatile twin tip it's like putting on those comfy old shoes, it just feels like home on the water! 

Flysurfer Radical 5 Kitesurfing Board

The Flysurfer Radical 5 Kiteboard has now been labelled in proper sizes like all other brands instead of S/M/L/XL we now have:

127x36cm, 132x39.5cm, 134x40cm, 138x42cm, 144x46cm
Our favourite and recommendation for average rider is the 134cm sized board but to smaller and taller riders just move up or down for your ideal board. The 127cm is for super light riders and juniors and the 144cm is a large board for lightwind use.

Flysurfer Radical 5 Kitesurf kitesurfing Board The new quick fit fin system is ideal for travel as you don't need any tools to take the fins on and off anymore it's only seconds to install them.



Flysurfer Radical 5 Features:

  • Space’n’Galaxy“ Pad-Strap-Combo. The space pads offer more grip and damping than the older ones and the straps are great padded security and loads of adjustment from barefoot EU39 up to EU48 with boots. This makes the package super value and quality even if you often ride with boots.

  • Foam and Wood Core. The Radical is built with a hybrid core to balance weight and strength where you need ti the most. Under the heel edge there is strong wood while the toe edge has foam built in which gives a great weight saving. But his is proven reliable tech from last season.
  • Torsion Fibre Layers. The Fibreglass used in the board gives a torsion layer at 45 degrees making the board torsionally stiff resulting in more pop but retaining comfort.
  • Heelside Channel. There is a deep channel built into the heel side of the board base this makes it better to set your edge and grip before jumping.
  • Improved Rocker. The Radical 5 has a new rocker curve to provide smooth riding in even the toughest conditions and gives more control in fast landings. The rockerline remains flat to keep the early gliding and easy upwind performance.
  • Quick Release Fin System. This allows fins to be taken off in seconds, so for travel or to stop damage when transporting in the car this just makes it all easier.
  • Ergonomic Toeside. The asymmetrical rounder and shorter toe side makes toe side control much smoother and increases manoeuvrability when carving.
  • Tucked Under Edge Rails. The edges of the Radical 5 are cut off at 45 degree angle the same as surfboards have traditionally been made. This keeps the board very controllable even in choppy conditions and reduces spray.
  • Scratchproof Top Sheet. There is a special high quality UV and scratch resistant coating to make the board look newer for longer. The graphics are under the coating so don't get damaged even if the board does get scratched.
  • Additional Grabrails. There is a pack of self adhesive additional grabrails to offer the old school riders best control for board offs and one footers.
  • Made in the EU. Flysurfer make the boards in Europe so they can guarantee the highest quality and best materials possible.

If you have any questions on the product or ordering please call us or use the form below to send us an email directly about this product.