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Liquid Force Kites Thruster Hydro Foil Kit

The ultimate freeride experience at a price you cant argue with. The LF Thruster Hydrofoil is a wing developed for rapid lift and pinnacle performance.

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Designed and developed by hydrofoil expert and engineer Matt Wheeler, the Liquid Force Thruster Foil is your highly hydrodynamic foil with a unique wing design offering rapid lift (hense the name Thruster Foil) and a huge amount of stability at higher speeds. Built for the ultimate freeride experience the Thruster Foil is for the more advanced rider looking to step up their game in hydrofoiling by breaking personal best speed records by the session. 

Liquid Force Thruster Hydro Foil Kit in listing specifications

The Liquid Force Thruster Foil Hydrofoil Kit specifications:

  • Intermediate to Advanced
  • Comfort zone speed: 14 - 22 MPH
  • Low end lift speed (variable): 7 MPH
  • Top speed (Variable): 32 MPH
  • Mast Length: 94.8cm alloy weighing 2250g
  • Fuselage Length with HD fuselage: 81.7cm weighing 1220g
  • Thruster Glass Wing Set weighing 1100g
  • Total Weight: 4570g

What's included?

  • Liquid Force Thruster Foil Collar
  • Liquid Force Thruster Foil Mast 945mm x 124mm x 13.5mm
  • Liquid Force Thruster Fuselage 780mm
  • Liquid Force Thruster Glass Wing Front 572mm x 146mm
  • Liquid Force Thruster Glass Wing Back 388mm x 85mm
  • Thruster Foil Hardware
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