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Ozone Infinity V1 Lightwind Kiteboard

Ozones groundbreaking quality now available as a high end, light wind kiteboarding for your cruising/ freestyle kitesurfing pleasure! 144cm long x 47cm wide.

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Ozone Infinity V1 Lightwind Kiteboard channel tipAs far as light wind kiteboards go, the Ozone Infinity V1 goes above and beyond even in the lightest of conditions! Having released three other high end kiteboards the only one missing from the mix was a light wind edition to which the designers at Ozone never disappoint! Significantly livelier and lighter than most other boards of this size on the market, the Infinity combines a contemporary freeride/ freestyle shape with a classic low riding rocker resulting in better planing and handling in choppy conditions. For added cruise control and liveliness the Infinity V1 has a progressive flex offering a rigid center for core support and control while the tip and tail dampen out and chop as well as adding a spring to your pop!

Unlike most other flat based light wind boards the Infinity has a few things new to bring to the table on a light wind day; first and foremost the best thing about this board that jumped out at us is the double concave base and razor thin edges which grips the water, drives a harder edge and offers an excellent amount of pop for such a big board. This double concave base also adds to a higher level of impact dispersion on landings. Combined with channeling on the tip and tail of the Infinity V1 for better air pocket development underneath the board while riding, the boards 47cm in width offers plenty of stability and surface area to keep you above the surface in the lightest of conditions!

Ozone Infinity V1 Lightwind Kite surf board base dual concave

Off centered inserts relieve the ankles of stress when driving up wind or loading up pressure for jumping while Ozones pads and straps  that are included in the price offer plenty of comfort and cushioning to reduce foot fatigue. The Ozone Infinity V1 Light Wind Kiteboard is designed to offer a freestyle alternative to chilling on the beach when the conditions are looking glum. Freestyle, freeride and even unhooking; choose your game and the Inifinity V1 will carry you through!

Ozone Infinity V1 - Performance Lightwind from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.

The Ozone Infinity V1 Light Wind Kitesurf Board specifications:

  • Eceptional Ozone Factory Construction
  • Double concave a tip channels
  • Off centered inserts
  • Highest quality fiberglass
  • Grab recess
  • Fins V2
  • Hybrid freeride light wind outline
  • Cohesive flex patterns
  • A-Grade Paulownia core
  • A-Grade 316 stainless steel inserts
  • Footpads and straps V2


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