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Kitesurfing Accessories, from depower bars and line sets to kite bridle and bladders. We have a large selection of accessories, made for the water.
WMFG used to be Waterman Manufacturing Company, but according to legal council this big bad multi national surf apparel brand owns the word Waterman, so WMFG was born. True story. WMFG is dedicated to delivering the finest kiteboard, SUP, and surf deckpads and traction, kiteboard and SUP pumps and inflation products.
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WMFG - Kiteboard Pump 4.0T XL (Tall 29L)

WMFG Kiteboard Pump 4.0T XL (Tall 29L)

This is the only and perfect pump for all kitesurfers. Even if you are happy with your existing pump you don't know what you are missing out on! WMFG have solved a problem most of us didn't know existed!
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