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Loaded Tan Tien Deck Only

we recommend using at least a 180mm wide truck on the Tan Tien

The Loaded Tan Tien deck is another winner in the Loaded range. Originally modelled as a shorter, stiffer Dervish with more features for freeride, slide and flip tricks.

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Loaded Longboards Tan Tien Deck Only - This new offering is an amalgamation of technical design, aesthetics, and premium performance. Driven by progressive longboarding as explored by Loaded's riders, the Tan Tien manifests the desire to develop new tricks and engage new riding styles. From its foot-locking concave, drop-thru truck mounting and pumpable camber, to its responsive nose and tail kicks, the Tan Tien blends carve oriented longboarding with advanced trick riding. Loaded has also added a new technical grip-tape that optimizes flex energy and adds a futuristic visual effect. The complex contours create a super responsive board that allows for increased confidence when leaning into turns, popping tricks, and powering through slides. With the woven bamboo bottom and the funky grip design it's easy on the eyes, but you'll need to ride this board to truly fathom it's potential. The Tan Tien is 39" in length with a 27" wheelbase, and is designed to work with 180mm reversed kingpin trucks and 70mm wheels. Ride on!

Loaded Tan Tien Deck Only Specs:
- Length: 39"
- Wheelbase: 27"
- Vertically Laminated Bamboo

Tan Tien Flex 1: Up to 270 pounds
Tan Tien Flex 2: 130-210+ pounds
Tan Tien Flex 3: 80-170+ pounds

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Epoxy and Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich a vert-lam Bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers as well as nose and tail kicks. The nose and tails are reinforced with an extra layer of fiberglass for added stiffness and strength without compromising the responsiveness and energy of the central camber. DropThru cutouts are CNC milled for precision. This is the most complex board we've built to date and we hope you will appreciate the subtle beauty of the form.

Grip tape: The boards come pregripped with an aggressive black griptape designed to provide maximum coverage while allowing the board to flex naturally. This is our first foray in years into traditional grip tape (albeit grippier to match the needs of this board) and we went with this because it provides enhanced traction and control for sliding and pumping, as well as creating a serious "lock-in" on the nose and tail.

Flex: Keep in mind that a softer flex pattern will give you more control and tighter turns at slower speeds and make it easier to slide, but tends to lose stability slightly at higher speeds. Stiffer flex means more energy potential, more stability at higher speeds, and better longevity through abusive tricks and aerial landings, but will not be as forgiving and lively when cruising. The Flex 1 is considerably stiffer so as to be appropriate for heavier riders and hardpounding thrashers alike.

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